The Prison and Probation Administration

The Director General is Páll E. Winkel

The role of the Prison and Probation Administration (PPA) is:

  • To supervise the execution of sentences and other functions in accordance with the provisions of the Execution of Sentences Act No. 15/2016 and regulations issued thereunder.
  • Responsible for the management of prisons.
  • To supervise those who are serving their sentence through community services and are subject to electronic surveillance. The PPA may, according to an agreement, refer those tasks to others.
    • When a person has been sentenced to up to 12 months´non-conditional imprisonment, the PPA can decide that the sentence may be executed in the form of unpaid community service lasting a minimum of 40 hours and a maximum of 480 hours, if this is not contrary to public interest.
    • If it proves impossible to collect a fine of ISK 100.000 or more and a commissioner of police decides that the person involved is to serve a surrogate punishment, then, if this is not opposed to the public interest, the PPA can decide that the surrogate punishment may be imposed in the form of unpaid community service of at least 40 hours but 480 hours as a maximum.
  • To supervise persons whose prosecution proceedings have been deferred with supervision and those who have been given suspended sentences with supervision or who have been pardoned with supervision. The PPA can entrust it to another party.
  • To supervise and be responsible for health services and other services that prisoners are entitled to have according to other laws and regulations.

Policy and purpose

The purpose of the Execution of Sentences Act No. 15/2016 is to ensure that the execution of sentences is carried out in a safe and efficient manner and that the special and general deterrent effects of punishment are active and furthermore to reduce the likelihood of repeated crimes and to promote the successful adjustment of the convicted person to society.


The PPA runs 5 prisons, Prison Hólmsheiði, Akureyri and Litla-Hraun which are closed prisons and Prison Sogn and Kvíabryggja which are open prisons. 

Arrival at Prison and Service

Further information on arrival to prison